Many types of paper and cardbaord can be placed in your curbside bin.

All containers must be empty and preferably broken down to reduce space.


  • Newspaper, including inserts (Remove any NON RECYCLABLE plastic sleeves)
  • Cardboard (No Waxed Cardboard: Some produce boxes made to repel moisture)
  • Kraft bags: Typically known as brown paper grocery/liquor store bags
  • Magazines, Catalogs, & Telephone Books (Remove any NON RECYCLABLE plastic sleeves)
  • Junk Mail & Envelopes (Remove plastic credit cards first)
  • Office & Computer paper (Remove any metal clips, staples are ok)
    • Shredded paper is ok only if it is bagged in a plastic bag(THE ONLY TIME PLASTIC BAGS ARE ALLOWED)
  • Notebooks (Remove the metal spiral first)
  • Gift wrap(Remove any ribbons and bows first)
  • Paperback and Hard Cover Books
  • Chipboard: Typically known as cereal, cake & food , or gift boxes
  • Carrier Stock: Typically known as soda or beer can carrying cases
  • Egg cartons (Made of fiber, not Styrofoam)

NO PLASTIC FILM, including:

  • Plastic sheets
  • Plastic tarps
  • Plastic wrap